PUB Crawl! defines Pub Crawl as “to have drinks at one bar after another”. Here Pub Crawl aptly describes the slow process of publishing Coastal Raptors’ research findings in the scientific literature. It’s common for long-term monitoring such as ours to employ years of data and involve multiple co-authors. This process takes time!

Below are peer-reviewed publications from coastal raptors research, a book chapter on raptor marking techniques, and recent editions of TIDEings, the Coastal Raptors’ newsletter.

Peregrine Falcons on Coastal Beaches of Washington

Mercury Contamination in Peregrine Falcons

Barnes, J. G., D. E. Varland, T. L. Fleming, J. B. Buchanan, and S. L. Gerstenberger 2018. Mercury Contamination in Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) in Coastal Washington, 2001-2016. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 130:958-968.

Peregrine Falcon Survival Rates

Varland, D. E., L.A Powell, J. B. Buchanan, T. L. Fleming, and C. Vanier. 2020. Peregrine Falcon Survival Rates Derived From a Long-Term Study at a Migratory and Overwintering Area in Coastal Washington, USA. The Journal of Raptor Research  54: 207-221.

Varland, D.E., L.A. Powell, M.K. Kenney and T.L. Fleming. 2008. Peregrine Falcon Survival and Re-sighting Rates on the Washington Coast, 1995-2003. The Journal of Raptor Research 42:161-171.

Peregrine Falcon Scavenging

Varland, D. E., J. B. Buchanan, T. L. Fleming, M. K. Kenney, and C. Vanier. 2018. Scavenging as a Food-acquisition Strategy by Peregrine Falcons. The Journal of Raptor Research 52: 291-308

Tundra Peregrine Falcons in Washington

Varland, D.E., T.L. Fleming and J.B. Buchanan. 2008. Tundra Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus tundrius) Occurrence in Washington. Washington Birds 10:48-57.

Avian Scavenger Monitoring

Varland, D.E. 2015. A Capture to Remember: Monitoring the Health of Avian Scavengers on the Pacific Coast. The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 29:250-256.

Herring, G., C. A. Eagles-Smith, and D. E. Varland. 2018. Mercury and Lead Exposure in Avian Scavengers from the Pacific Northwest Suggest Risks to California Condors: Implications for Reintroduction and Recovery. Environmental Pollution 243: 610-619.

Field Techniques – Marking Techniques

Varland, D.E., J.A. Smallwood, L.S. Young, and M.N. Kochert. 2007. Marking Techniques. Pages 221-236 in Raptor Research and Management Techniques, D.M. Bird and K.L. Bildstein [Editors], Hancock House Publishing, Blaine, WA U.S.A.  463 pages 

Annual Newsletters

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