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Dan Varland, Executive Director, Coastal Raptors

Mailing address: Coastal Raptors, P.O. Box 492, Hoquiam, Washington 98550; email address:; phone number: 360-591-5959.

See the band, know the plan, it’s good for everyone (from the Coastal Raptors music video Band on the Bird by Tony Starlight and Dan Varland).

Know the Plan: What’s the plan? It’s to learn about the site fidelity and migratory patterns of Peregrine Falcons, Gyrfalcons, Bald Eagles, Common Ravens and Turkey Vultures that we’ve marked with visual identification bands or wing tags along the Pacific coast.

Species fitted with visual identification leg bands or wing tags by Coastal Raptors for research.  

If you see one of the above with a leg or wing marker and your sighting was in the west between Alaska and Mexico, it might be one of ours! Sightings are important to us. Please report the visual identification code, the date and location of the sighting to Dan Varland (contact information above). Regardless of your sighting location, be sure to go to the US Geological Survey Bird Banding Lab website and complete a bird sighting record.

Our marked birds have been sighted from Alaska to Mexico. The northernmost record was of a banded Peregrine Falcon sighted in Seward, Alaska. The southernmost record was of a wing-tagged Turkey Vulture sighted 80 miles northeast of Guadalajara, Mexico (Note: Some of our Turkey Vultures have been fitted with transmitters and have been tracked even further south in Mexico.)

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