About Bird Man Dan’s Blog

This beach-cast remnant of an old growth tree, shown above, found its place in the sand on our Grayland study beach. This symbol of a long life past was photographed on January 14, 2013. We saw it many times over the years; it’s held its place. 

In Bird Man Dan’s Blog, you’ll find reports on more than 25 years of field adventures with raptors in coastal Washington and, on occasion, coastal Oregon. The work of Coastal Raptors continues. This blog will chronicle  past, present and future field adventures with Coastal Raptors, some of which take place beyond the bounds of the Pacific Coast.

The non-profit Coastal Raptors is dedicated to providing research and education programs leading to better understanding and conservation of raptors in coastal environments. This, our mission statement, is reflected in the blog tagline: Understanding Coastal Raptors.

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