Category: Vultures – Love at Second Sight!

  • Turkey Vulture Amelia Slips Transmitter, Soars Free!

    On August 4, 2022 Jake Burroughs, Sandra Miller and I trapped a Turkey Vulture for the Coastal Raptors Turkey Vulture Tracking research project. We fitted that vulture with a transmitter and wing-tag EA. Captured at the Ocean Shores, Washington airport, we named this one Amelia after famed aviator Amelia Earhart. (Vultures cannot be sexed by […]

  • Turkey Vulture ES: Re-sightings in California and Oregon

    Whenever the USGS Bird Banding Lab contacts me with information from a person who has re-sighted one of our wing-tagged Turkey Vultures, I write them for more info. While the reports from the BBL provide me with basic information about the observation (i.e., who saw the bird, when and where), there’s always more to be […]

  • California Condors Return to the Pacific Northwest

    The California condor is among the world’s most critically endangered species.  As of mid-September 2022, only 537 are in existence, 334 living in the wild, the rest in captivity (source: Ventana Wildlife Society). Once found across North America, with the die-off of large terrestrial mammal species 10,000 years ago, condor range contracted to the Pacific […]