Category: Turkey Vultures – Love at Second Sight!

  • Fall Migration is Well Underway for Turkey Vultures

    On September 29 I received an email from Brent Angelo of Vancouver, Washington. Last winter I was in touch with Brent following a Turkey Vulture sighting that he had made of one of our wing-tagged birds. This time around Brent shared his sightings of Turkey Vultures on migration, from his backyard no less! Quoting Brent’s […]

  • Turkey Vulture ES: Re-sightings in California and Oregon

    Whenever the USGS Bird Banding Lab contacts me with information from a person who has re-sighted one of our wing-tagged Turkey Vultures, I write them for more info. While the reports from the BBL provide me with basic information about the observation (i.e., who saw the bird, when and where), there’s always more to be […]