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  • Raptor Survey Results in Trash Talk!

    Raptor survey, Long Beach Peninsula, September 26. The survey group included five Wisconsinites, yours truly, and Peninsula resident Kelly Rupp. We recorded 17 raptors in all, including eight Turkey Vultures, four Bald Eagles, three Northern Harriers and two Peregrine Falcons. As we traveled up the beach we ran into Russ Lewis at the north end. […]

  • You Win Some, You Loose Some

    April 29, 2023: Ocean Shores Muncipal Airport Coastal Raptors began monitoring the health of avian scavengers on the Pacific coast in 2011. This effort involves capturing Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures and Common Ravens for tissue sampling ahead of lab tests for pathogen and contaminant exposure. This day we trapped a Bald Eagle with a severe […]