Author: Dan Varland

  • Where’d that carcass go?

    On April 21, 2024 Tom Rowley, Pam McCauley, Dianna Moore and I conducted a raptor survey at Ocean Shores (see Surveying and Banding for more on Coastal Raptors’ survey efforts). We tallied 16 raptors in all, 10 Bald Eagles and 6 Turkey Vultures. All of the vultures and one of the eagles were perched close […]

  • “Perhaps the Most Unique Looking Peregrine Falcon I Have Seen Here”

    People often ask me to help them identify birds, especially raptors. This past April 11 was one of those occasions. John Raymond, whom I’ve known and “talked birds” with for years, got in touch by email to ask about a Peregrine Falcon he’s seen that day. “Perhaps the most unique looking Peregrine Falcon I have […]

  • Friendly Falcons

    Our raptor Surveying and Banding research has been ongoing since 1995. In the ensuing 29 years, we’ve captured 244 Peregrine Falcons, fitting each with a visual identification leg band.     As we approach these falcons in our vehicle for banding or resighting, the degree of wariness they show ranges from extremely skittish to very approachable. […]

  • The Aleutian Peregrine Falcon

    The Aleutian Peregrine Falcon breeds on the Aleutian Islands, which extend from the Alaskan Peninsula (yellow arrow) to Russia’s Commander Islands (red arrow). Aleutian peregrines are part of the Peale’s Peregrine Falcon subspecies (Falco peregrinus pealei). Peale’s peregrines breed along the Pacific Coast from northern Oregon to Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. Aleutian peregrines may […]

  • Artist Jack DeLap

    Jack Delap is an Associate Professor at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he teaches Scientific Illustration, Environmental Science and Sustainability, and The Art and Science of Taxidermy. Away from his classroom duties he’s a freelance illustrator for books, journal articles and more. Jack holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art/History from […]

  • Supporting Raptor Research in Colombia

    In 2023, Coastal Raptors provided funding for purchasing five camera traps to monitor large raptor nesting in Colombia. We made the donation to support the work of Proyecto Grandes Rapaces de Colombia (Large Raptors of Colombia), a private company with research and education programs for the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja), Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Spizaetus ornatus), King […]

  • Serious Threat to California Condors Emerges

    Click here for an excellent report on the daunting effort underway to protect California Condors from highly pathogenic avian influenza.

  • Fall Migration is Well Underway for Turkey Vultures

    On September 29 I received an email from Brent Angelo of Vancouver, Washington. Last winter I was in touch with Brent following a Turkey Vulture sighting that he had made of one of our wing-tagged birds. This time around Brent shared his sightings of Turkey Vultures on migration, from his backyard no less! Quoting Brent’s […]

  • Raptor Survey Results in Trash Talk!

    Raptor survey, Long Beach Peninsula, September 26. The survey group included five Wisconsinites, yours truly, and Peninsula resident Kelly Rupp. We recorded 17 raptors in all, including eight Turkey Vultures, four Bald Eagles, three Northern Harriers and two Peregrine Falcons. As we traveled up the beach we ran into Russ Lewis at the north end. […]

  • Misfits – Incorrectly Fit Harnesses Led to Turkey Vultures Shedding Their Transmitters!

    When a Turkey Vulture’s transmitter is sending signals from the same location hour after hour, it’s an indication that either the bird has died or he/she has rid themselves of the unit. We feared the worst when signals from the transmitters on vultures Amelia, Caeden and Glenn – shown below – weren’t changing locations. With […]