Peregrine Falcon with visual ID band Z/U perched on the beach near 

Grayland. Coastal Raptors banded Z/U as a one-year old female on March 1, 

2015. She'll be turning age eight this spring. The photo/re-sighting was by Ron 

Allmand on January 6. Ron's re-sighting is the 6th for Z/U; all have been on 

the Grayland beach where she was banded.     



Closeup of Z/U's bands. Ron Allmand photo.



Also on January 6 and also on the Grayland beach, Ron took this photo of 

peregrine P/7. Coastal Raptors banded P/7 on the beach north of Ocean Shores 

as a first-year female on November 2, 2015. She'll be six years old this spring. 

Ron's re-sighting is the 17th;12 have been in the Ocean Shores area and 5 have

been in or near Westport.  


P/7's visual ID band, just clear enough to decipher! Ron Allmand photo.



P/7 on July 7, 2016, when she was a one-year old 

molting into her adult plumage. Photo by Eva Borja, 

taken at the Oyhut Wildlife Management area in 

Ocean Shores.  

P/7 on April 18, 2017 just before she turned two that May. There are still a 

few brown feathers on the topside of her wings remaining from her juvenal 

plumage. P/7 was bathing in a puddle near the Fishermen's Memorial at the 

time this photo was taken by Eva Borja. 


The puddle where P/7 took a bath, with Fishermen's Memorial in the 

background. Eva Borja photo. 




January 31. Jake Burroughs with Gyrfalcon 8-blue. We recaptured this 2-year 

old female to collect blood and feather samples. 


Jake and I with the Gyrfalcon moments before her release. For more on this 

impressive bird, see the posts below.   

Banded Gyrfalcon returns! This winter a Gyrfalcon that Coastal Raptors had

banded on February 9, 2020 has shown site fidelity by returning to the same

area (inside the city limits of Westport, Washington). This photo was taken by 

Ron Allmand on January 22. Note the full crop!


Another one of Ron's photos from January 22. The crop really shows in this




The Gyrfalcon, also showing a full crop, on January 13. This 

photo was taken by Scott Morris, who was the first to observe

the Gyrfalcon in this area in 2020. 


The Gyrfalcon on January 9, 2021. This, by happenstance

is one year to the day that Coastal Raptors banded this bird. 

The photo was taken by Jeff Bryant. Jeff was first report 

Gyrfalcon 8-blue in 2021. Note, once again, the full crop!

It's not hard to understand why she's returned from the far

north to winter in this area...plenty to eat!