Date: March 22, 2021

Location: Long Beach

Observers: Dan Varland, Jake Burroughs, Tony Starlight, Scott Horton, Eva 

and Steve Bareis, and Pat Tollefson. 


3-year old Bald Eagle. On the drive to the far north end of the peninsula, we 

saw about 10 Bald Eagles and two Turkey Vultures (no other raptor species). 

Eva Bareis photo. 


Western Gull with Dunlin and Sanderling in the background. Eva Bareis. 

Common Raven feeding on a sea lion carcass. Dan Varland photo. 

Dunlin in winter plumage.  Dan Varland photo. 

Sanderling in winter plumage.  Dan Varland photo. 


Taking a break from the survey at the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula.

Eva Bareis photo. 


Horned Lark.  Dan Varland photo. 

Enjoying a the day. Dan Varland photo. 

Dan Varland photo. 


Date: March 7, 2021

Location: Ocean Shores

Observers: Dan Varland, Dave Murnen, Pam McCauley and Jake Burroughs

Un-banded first-year Peregrine Falcon. We made an unsuccessful attempt to 

capture and band this one. Dan Varland photo. 

Male Bald Eagle with visual ID band B/O; Coastal Raptors banded this bird on 

June 12, 2015. He's been re-sighted more than 200 times since then, in all 

seasons and always on the Ocean Shores study area. Dan Varland photo. 

It was very windy during our survey. Here Dunlin roost out of the wind at the 

edge of the dunes. Dan Varland photo. 

Date: March 6, 2021

Location: Long Beach

Observers: Dan Varland, Jennifer Casper, Alex Lauber, Eva Baries, Pat Tollefson, 

and Glenn Marquardt.

Common Raven banded as an adult female by Coastal Raptors on June 7, 2013. 

At the time, we fitted her with a total of four bands. Only two are still present:

a silver and a yellow on her right leg. She has removed two bands from her left 

leg, one orange and the other gray.  

This photo, taken by Victor Estrada on August 18, 2017, shows our raven 

with all four bands. She's known to Coastal Raptors as RSYLOG (R  = right leg, 

S = silver band, Y = yellow, L = left leg, O = orange and G = green). The  

re-sighting today is the 7th for this individual. All have been on the Long Beach 

study area: one in 2016, four in 2017, one in 2019 and now one in 2021.  

With her bands all but invisible, RSYLOG takes flight. Dan Varland photo.

Bald Eagle perched above the dunes. We counted a total of15 

Bald Eagles during the survey. Eva Baries photo.

Glenn Marquardt, Jennifer Casper and I look over a mammal carcass. Eva 

Baries photo. 

Dan Varland photo. 

We saw a squall ahead as we traveled south near the end of the day. Dan 

Varland photo.  

Two horses and their riders weathering rain and blowing sand inside the squall.  

Dan Varland photo.