November 7, 2020

Location: Long Beach

Observers: Dan Varland, Alex Lauber, Jake Burroughs, Glenn Marquardt, and Nick Dunlop


Stuck! Our survey got sidelined when two vehicles, mine on the right and

Nick Dunlop's on the left, settled into the sand. George Hill photo. 

Jake Burrows and I try to dig ourselves out... to no avail. Glenn Marquardt 


After a phone call George Hill (Hill Auto Body & Towing) came to our rescue 

from 12 miles further south in Ocean Park (we counted our lucky stars that 

George was available!). Glenn Marquardt photo. 

George posted our misadventure on YouTube. If you want to watch the fun, 

from the YouTube search bar, type in "Busiest day ever 16 hours". George's 

rescue begins 5 minutes into the 17 minute video. George Hill photo. 

Only one other time was the survey vehicle stuck so thoroughly that we required

professional help to extract ourselves, and that was on the Grayland beach on

July 17, 1999. Dianna Moore photo. 

The 1999 misadventure ended a rescue vehicle, driving from Westport. Whew! 

Dianna Moore photo. 



Date: October 30, 2020

Location: Ocean Shores

Observers: Dan Varland, Leigh Calvez, and Dave Murnen


Peregrine Falcon with visual identification band 35/B. Coastal Raptors banded

this falcon as a first-year female on October 30, 2018. Today marks two years

to the day of her capture and banding. A two-year old now, she's been resighted

46 times since banding day (in all seasons and all on the Ocean Shores study 

area).  Dan Varland photo. 



Bald Eagle with visual ID band M/Z. We banded this eagle as an adult female

on April 20, 2018.  She's been resighted 69 times since then and, like Peregrine

Falcon 35/B, in all seasons and always on the Ocean Shores study area. Dan

Varland photo. 


Dave Murnen with a first-year male Peregrine Falcon that we captured for

banding and tissue sampling. Dan Varland photo.  


Unfortunately, I put the visual ID band upside down! This 

was just the second time in 25 years that I had made this 

mistake! The band will appear right-side up to the falcon...

if only he could read! Dan Varland photo.