montage of coastal raptors

Coastal Raptors is a non-profit organization headed by Dan Varland with Mark Schult providing web development. Coastal Raptors is dedicated to providing research and education programs leading to better understanding and conservation of raptors in coastal environments. Active since 1995 and with non-profit 501(c)(3) status beginning May 2009, the goals are to:

  • Conduct scientific research and monitoring on raptors along coastlines;
  • Provide education programs on coastal raptors and the coastal environment;
  • Train wildlife biologists in the tools and techniques needed to survey, capture, and mark raptors along coastlines; and
  • Collaborate with experts in wildlife research and management on developing, monitoring and sharing best management practices for coastal raptors.

We are very pleased to share that Coastal Raptors research was featured on the Bird Banding Lab website as part of their centennial celebration in 2020. The Lab oversees bird marking activities in the United States. They were seeking to highlight research projects that show the ongoing importance of bird banding in wildlife research and management.
To read the Coastal Raptors story, click here.

map of Washington coastline highlighting Ocean Shores, Grayland and Long Beach sections

Raptor survey transects on three coastal beaches in western Washington.

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