Marking Techniques Workshop and Coastal Raptors Symposium at the annual conference of the Raptor Research Foundation held in Corpus Christi, Texas.

September 24 and 27, 2014

Four men posing for photo
Left to right: Wayne Nelson (Alberta), Dan Varland (Washington), John Smallwood (New Jersey) and Gene Jacobs (Wisconsin). The four of us co-taught a 3.5-hour workshop, the title of which was: Techniques for Handling, Auxiliary Marking, Measuring, and Blood Sampling Raptors After Capture: a Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.

Ten students took the workshop, which was one of several offered to students and young people starting their careers. The techniques were taught using bird carcasses (raptors, gulls, pelicans...) donated for use by the wildlife rehabilitation center connected with Corpus Christi's Texas State Aquarium.

Dan V teaches wing-tagging to students.

Gene Jacobs talks to the class.

World map with 13 locations marked in US, Canada, Mexico and Denmark
Three days after the workshop, Dan V moderated a symposium he had organized, the title of which was Coastal Raptors. There were 13 people from the US, Canada, Mexico and Denmark who made presentations at the symposium (see map). Symposium presenter study areas are shown as yellow dots on the map above.