“Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

In June 2018 Coastal Raptors and the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association initiated collaborative research to determine the site fidelity and migratory patterns of Turkey Vultures using solar-powered GPS satellite transmitters.

Hawk Mountain began this research in 2003 and has satellite- tagged more than 70 turkey vultures in Pennsylvania, Saskatchewan, California, Arizona and Venezuela. Our collaboration provides an opportunity to monitor year-round movements of Turkey Vultures captured on the Washington coast. Missing from the Hawk Mountain research to date is information on the year-round movement patterns of Pacific Northwest Turkey Vultures.

For this effort, we captured four Turkey Vultures, fitted them with both transmitters and wing tags. Wing tags allow visual identification with the naked eye, binoculars, spotting scope or camera with telephoto lens and are therefore helpful in corroborating telemetry location data. The 2018 field effort is chronicled in Notes from the Field.

You can follow the movements of the “Fab Four” online at the website Movebank.